Birch (2013)

2 screen video installation 1'38 min, loop

Not here and not there.
The installation "Birch" (2013), a two-channel video installation projected on opposite walls, shows Lyubov in a birch tree costume, standing on her head in birch forests both in her hometown in Russia and in the Netherlands. This work explores the metamorphic transformation into a tree that tries to take root in the ground.
Roundelay (2013)

HD video, 03 min
sound by Benas Staskauskas

Modern fairy tale without beginning and end, Roundelay is eternal. Inspired by historical facts, fairy tales and political news, which mixed together in a circle movement and bring us to the new understanding of processes in contemporary society. Roundelay – its symbolic movement, the ritual dance that was directed to different parts of human life, like procreation and harvest.
Five totems represent new “Gods” of our days. They are reeling roundelay around the invisible object. Everybody is trying to catch it and keep on holding hands of each other at the same time. Trying to do two antonymous things at the same time, as a representation of our century.